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Managing Partner at Rio Engineers

Rio Engineers, Used lathe machine (Imported from China, Korea and Taiwan) sales and metal engineering works.

We are the most prominent manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and traders of high quality Industrial Tool Room Machine. Our range of products includes Master Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine (Oil Country Series), Master Heavy Duty Lathe Machines, Master All Geared Lathe Machines, Master MTR-Series and Master Universal and Vertical Milling Machines. In addition to these, we also manufacture Master Power Presses C-Type, Master Pillar Type Power Presses, Master Power Operated Hydraulic Presses, Master Cross Shaft Presses and Master Shaping Machines. Aided by our stupendous industry experience, we are also engaged in manufacturing Master Radial Drilling Machines, Master Slotting Machines and Master Tool & Cutter Grinder. We are looking query from all over the world.

Located in Gampaha, Belummahara (Sri Lanka) & Tarneit, Australia.

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Music Data Analyst (Cestine Music Analytics)

Data science is not sitting in front of a computer and making BI dashboards. Growing up a heavy metal fan in the Sri Lankan rock economy - I always had a passion for music and with the skillset, I carry now, I'm keen to identify and extract hidden stories behind music using data and analytics. Currently helping my mates at Serandip Records as an R&D Analyst.

Also - project Cestine or Cestine Music Analytics is a way to understand the behavior of music streaming algorithms and the patterns behind them. We live in a country where technology evolves every day and the musicians should understand this too. Music has gone beyond the instruments now. In fact, I'd like to quote this tagline from Cestine Music Analytics:

"Music is not just Instruments anymore."

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🎵 Spotify Daily Data is a public dashboard platform that illustrates music taste based on different demographics.

Crypto Investor/ Digital Assets collector

Cryptocurrency is going up each day. Bitcoin was at $200 back in 2012 and recently it has passed $35000 (2021 January). Where it's heading? It's going up to $150K and $200K one day. Could be within 5 years or 10. My advice is: Start trading today!

If you're keen to get started on this, Follow me on Twitter and DM for any questions or concerns. Happy to help you out.

  • NFTs (Minting, Swapping

  • Digital Land/Assets (Decentraland)

Public Speaker and an Active Member of Silicon Beach

Public Speaker at Melbourne Python Users Group.

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