Recognition and achievements from my journey...

Emerging ICT Professional of the Year - Finalist 

Digital Disruptors Awards 2022 - Australian Computer Society

It is an honour to be nominated for the Emerging ICT professional of the year award, and more honourable still to be an individual who migrated to Australia as an international student five years ago and making it this far. Feels amazing to know that the ACS recognises and supports the work I’ve been doing at work and outside of work - Best confidence booster ever!


These awards act as a critical platform to celebrate the evolution and growth within the IT industry, and I would like to acknowledge the other award nominees and winners yesterday evening, and their achievements and contributions. Huge shoutout to the ACS (Australian Computer Society)!

Vice-Chair of Emerging Professionals Committee
Australian Computer Society - Victoria

ACS Victoria Emerging Professionals Committee is now in place with the goal of giving life to the emerging ideas and contributing to the ICT sector in Victoria

UCD (University of Dublin) - Alumni Interview

I was invited to this amazing Q&A session as a proud alumnus of the University College Dublin (Class of 2016) to share my experience and thoughts 🇮🇪 

Read full article: UCD Alumni Blog

"Great learners don’t just consume, they contribute."

UCD Global Alumni Ambassador

I've been invited to represent UCD as a global student ambassador in 2022. 🇮🇪 x 🇦🇺

AWS Community Builder (Data)

🙏 I am absolutely honored to be recognized for my contribution to the AWS Community and to become a part of this amazing Amazon Web Services (AWS) Community Builders program for Data & Analytics!

I was selected for the 2021 October Intake and for the 3rd consecutive year I'm a proud AWS CB.

  Blogger / Writer

Medium/ Towards Data Science

*Update 2021: Removed all my TDS articles from Medium because I wanted to start my own blog called The Jayasekara Blog 

Towards Data Science

Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine

The Innovation
The Startup

Few screenshots from my Medium Blog before I took it down to start my own Blog.


The Jayasekara Blog is the fusion of myself and my wife's blog articles.

You can find articles that vary from AWS - Data Engineering, Data Science, Software Development to Life, Poetry, Relationship and Love. We cover them all.