Bits and pieces from my out-of-scope interests šŸ˜‰

NASA and Aerospace Engineering

Lathe Machines and Metal Works with our venture Rio Engineers.

Few Tracks I produced as Part of Cestine Music Analytics

Fun Facts!!

  • Favorite Sport to Watch? NBA, AFL & Cricket

  • Movies or Tv Series? Tv Series all day!

  • Music? 70's, 80's and 90's Rock Music! Oh and also @Cestine.

  • Read Books? Yes, Prefer actual books instead of Kindle or PDFs!

  • Best Friend? Tara Jayasekara. Google Her.

  • What matters the most? Eudaimonia.

  • Started Business? Hell Yeah, Continuously come up with new business ideas, Launch them and failed most of the time. But I love the experience and moved on with the learnings!

This Image below is hanging in my office room as a reminder! Maybe it's your time. :)